Sabbath Rest

I embrace sin like water and feast on lies
As I lug around this burden of
Rank flesh in the wilderness.

If I am weary, weak, and drowning underneath this weight,
What good is manna, water, blessing?
Show me, take me to a place, a promised land,
Where sin can't touch or taint me.

I can see You speak words over waters at creation.
I can see You overflow in light, a fount of light.
But I cannot see You make a sinner saint.

Grant me faith that I'd believe Your words that I can't see,
Light across my darkness, spread triumphantly.
And in creative, cleansing love ever let me be
Purified once and for all
Washed with water pure,
Just as You've promised me,
As all my sins lie slain beneath
Your feet in bloody victory.
As You have rested, so may I
And at Your cross forever lie.

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