Silence and Song

It'd break your heart with beauty,
His booming, dangerous voice
Reverberating over the high mount
With smoke and fire cloaked.

As His lawful lyrics
Danced from His holy lips,
With all the others I stood far away
And begged Him not to speak,

For every beat of my dark heart,
Pumping blood like Abel's,
Cried for condemnation.

“Touch and you will die,”
The LORD's voice swirled at Sinai.

After our rebellion
Time and time again,
After all the prophets, all His pleas, our sacrifices then

If my conscience dared
Or my ache allowed,
Would I have cried, “Speak! Speak, LORD! Speak!”
And banged upon dark clouds?

He was silent for four-hundred years
Leaving Sinai's song ringing in our ears

Until at last the Sunrise
Set the sky ablaze,
And God's new song resounded strong and sweet, His final Word for always:

And as His blood streams golden
Like a melody,
It speaks a better word than Abel's could,
From wide-armed Calvary,
A round and full and certain word -
Forgiveness of our sins.

The risen Sun of righteousness
Bursts warm from out the clouds
Singing back to God His holy song.
With tender mercy, loud,
He over sickened sinners sings
And flies with healing in His wings.

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