Quote: The Cross Once Seen

    "Hear the just law- the judgment of the skies!
He that hates the truth shall be the dupe of lies:
And he that will be cheated to the last,
Delusions strong as Hell shall bind him fast.
But if the wanderer his mistake discern,
Judge his own ways, and sigh for a return,
Bewildered once, must he bewail his loss
For ever and for ever?  No- the cross! 
There and there only is the power to save.
There no delusive hope invites despair;
No mockery meets you, no deception there.
The spells and charms that blinded you before
All vanish there and fascinate no more.
    I am no preacher, let this hint suffice-
The cross once seen is death to every vice"

From "The Progress of Error" by William Cowper

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