An Introduction

Hi, and welcome to this little blog! I hope you find a beautiful place here. The whole Christian life is very much a life of seeing beauty. In the gospel, God reveals and invites us into the most beautiful Beauty imaginable- Himself. There are a lot of blogs out there, even a lot of blogs about “beauty,” beauty in every day life, food, family, fashion, projects, the arts. Many of these sites point, not only to the beauty in this world, but the “beauty” of you, humanity’s “beauty.” But He is so much more than these things, and He is shown so little in this world.

Even on Christian websites and blogs, even those sites with wise words, I fear we miss out sometimes on that which will bring us the most joy- a simple sight of Christ. In Christian circles, we do a lot of focusing on ourselves. How can I be better at this or that? Sometimes our motives are sheer self-righteousness, other times perhaps a desire to honor Christ. It’s not wrong to seek wisdom and growth, but these things don’t come through five helpful tips on how to be Proverbs 31 woman or how to reach out to our communities. See, we are not so beautiful as we think, but there’s a lot of “freedom in failure”* and a lot of life in being helpless. What if we are totally needy and entirely ugly in our sin, but offered a complete salvation and an infinite love in Christ? Now that is beauty. It’s arresting beauty. He is Beauty, that He would live and die for wicked sinners who hate Him so that He might justly bring them to Himself, justly and fully welcome them into His presence in which there is fullness of joy.* Seeing Jesus in this way changes us and makes us live as fiercely His.* 

So, in all things here, be it a poem or theological thoughts, I hope what you read here will help point you to the beauty of Christ in the gospel. There will be no perfection, just a weak girl needing Jesus and receiving His grace. Hope you will join.

*Quote from Brave Saint Saturn’s “Recall”
*Psalm 16:11
*2 Corinthians 3:18-4:6

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