Surprised by Spring: A Song

Though spring has almost ended, I wanted to share a song I wrote this season while taking a songwriting course. The “eucatastrophe” (to borrow Tolkien's term) of peace with God through Christ, God's revelation and Word, and the consolation of His active and free love inspired me. Despite the fact that it's unmixed and unprofessionally recorded, I hope you enjoy this little something different!

You unveil Your glory
A love-scented Word
And make me in love with You
With You, with the sight
Of Your radiant Face,
This startling grace
Like jasmine at midnight.

You found nothing lovely
But Your love creates
Righteousness without works.
In You, Grace and Truth,
I reap not what I've sown but
This hope against hope
Like Lenten roses
Lifting their heads from the snow.

I am weak-kneed at the cleanness You offer,
And I am undone over how You have suffered
And ripped top to bottom the curtain in two,
Removing the barrier between me and You.

The invisible seen,
As touchable as
Magnolia petals
Crushed, bleeding with sweetness,
Scattered all over the ground.

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